Fatherhood: Another Skill to Spend a Lifetime Honing


On March 3 my wife Becca gave birth to our twins, Arthur Valentine and Ginger Clementine, making this Sunday my first Father’s Day as a dad, which I couldn’t be prouder or happier about.  We celebrated the day with our first just-for-fun outing as a family on a stroll through Old Bennington.  Here are a few of the best images of the kids from the past few months. Continue reading

Intel Rapid Storage Technology Issues in Windows 8.1?

After upgrading to Windows 8.1 I was having difficulty with Intel’s Rapid Storage Technology on my HP laptop.  Under most circumstances it was okay, but it would lock up when defragmenting a disk and I couldn’t start the service, at least not for more than a second or so.  As Intel so succinctly suggested, I reinstalled/updated the application and it seems to have righted itself.  If you’re having trouble like this, I suggest you visit the RST Download Center at https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=23060 – if in doubt, choose the SetupRST.exe file.

Consistent Dynamic Layout Across Multiple Tables

Not-So-Smart Dummies

It had been a while since I’d done much with tables.  Back in the day, that was how things got done; developers lived, breathed, ate and dreamed of tables.  …but it was never the correct approach.  A new project came along where I needed to display multiple dynamic-width tables with linked layouts, i.e. the columns in table A are always the same width as the ones in table B. Continue reading