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5 Tips for the Aspiring Designer / Developer

Ernst Haeckel [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I was recently approached by a friend of a friend, a student working towards his B.S. in information technology with a concentration in website design who wondered if I had any tips for someone who’s “new to the scene”.  Little did he know that I had been working on a blog post featuring such a list of pointers.  I took this interaction as a sign I should finish it. Continue reading

5 Tips on Designing with Developers in Mind, Vol. One

Christmas the Chicken in the Christmas Cactus

For whatever reasons, I do a lot of development without ever having the opportunity to contribute to design. By the time it hits my desk, it’s too late to change anything — the client has already signed off on the design so what I produce must look exactly like it, even if there are flaws and even if it means unnecessarily wasting money. With any luck, there will come a day when more designers see the importance of involving a developer in the design process at an earlier stage (or perhaps establish a workflow where change is part of the process), but in the meantime I can offer some tips on designing for developers. Continue reading