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There’s a Manhattan in Kansas, But None in Canada

Back in 2003 I stopped overnight in Manhattan, Kansas and it was a time I won’t soon forget.  You know how they say Kansas is flatter than a pancake?  It’s true and some of the most interesting features of that state are located in holes in the ground that fail to live up to the size of their bubbles-in-your-pancakes counterparts. The city of Manhattan is in one of those holes. Continue reading

Roundup Retrospective: The Video Games I Played in 2014

I started blogging on gaming because I thought I might generate more content if I also posted on non- work-related topics, plus I think I might like to do some work in that industry at some point.  Unfortunately I’ve been barely if any better about writing for that subject, but like the work-related ones, it’s really more about an abundance of work and a striking lack of free time as opposed to any dearth of interest or enthusiasm.  Anyway, I thought I might wrap up the year with a summary of what I’ve been meaning to say about my experiences in gaming. Continue reading

Does It Seem Like Your WordPress Isn’t Updating Enough?


A while back now I had started to notice that a couple of the WordPress blogs I provide support services for somehow never needed updates.  At first I thought “hey, that’s great; the owners are actively participating”, but then it dawned on me that like the update notifications I wasn’t getting notifications from Wordfence that these installations were being logged into by other admins, so I started to investigate.  Sure enough, when I started comparing versions, a number of the plugins were off. Continue reading