Call of Duty: Ghosts is Good. …for Treyarch. …Maybe.

Ivan The Terrible

By the time the final DLC came out, I’d run out of attention for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.  I’m not even sure I’ve played on all of those maps.  I chose to ignore the Ghosts hype (or rather hide from it) and focus on Grand Theft Auto V (which is excellent) until I could play the next CoD.

It’s my first Infinity Ward title, so I didn’t have any of their previous work to go on, but most of the people I play with loved MW3, so I was sincerely hoping and maybe even expecting to be impressed.  Well, I’ve only played Call of Duty: Ghosts for the few hours of free time I’ve had since launch, but so far I’m more than a bit disappointed.  I’ll keep playing and maybe my opinion will change, but it’s not just me; a lot of genuine CoD fanboys absolutely hate it and even those who aren’t complaining seem to be having a hard time sounding enthusiastic…about not hating it.

If I never like this game or even if I do, I think the folks at Treyarch should see this as their golden opportunity.  There were some serious flaws in BO2 (enough that certain YouTube commentators spent the whole year trashing it), but the ball has officially been dropped and they can own the CoD developers’ crown with their next release.  If they can cover the bases while being as progressive as they were with BlOps 2, they’ll have a hit to redeem the franchise.  If they don’t, Ghosts may end up marking the beginning of the end of Call of Duty’s FPS reign.