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Roundup Retrospective: The Video Games I Played in 2014

I started blogging on gaming because I thought I might generate more content if I also posted on non- work-related topics, plus I think I might like to do some work in that industry at some point.  Unfortunately I’ve been barely if any better about writing for that subject, but like the work-related ones, it’s really more about an abundance of work and a striking lack of free time as opposed to any dearth of interest or enthusiasm.  Anyway, I thought I might wrap up the year with a summary of what I’ve been meaning to say about my experiences in gaming. Continue reading

…And I Thought Things With Ghosts Were Bad At Launch

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, The Ghost, 1881

It’s Friday night.  This is usually the big social night of the week for me and my friends in the TMHK clan.  …a lot less so since Call of Duty: Ghosts came out, but I’ve already done my griping about that.  Unfortunately I’m feeling a little less than social tonight, rather I’m quite furious. Continue reading

It’s Funny Sometimes What You Take Seriously

Playstation 3 DualShock Controller with Kontrol Freek

I had always played video games on some platform or another going all the way back to the TRS-80.  A few years ago, I hadn’t had a console in a while and was only playing here and there on the PC when my wife decided she wanted a Wii.  She bought me a copy of the new Goldeneye to go with it and I was back on the hook. Continue reading